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Do you ask yourself

I need a business partner to help me manage my financials; someone who takes the time to understand what I do and how to best account for it.

I need to feel like I have my own finance department thinking big for my business.

I would rather be working on my business then keeping records and entering data.

Omnia Bookkeeping

When you choose Omnia Bookkeeping you don’t sign up with one bookkeeper but a team of specialised and qualified professionals. Our team comprises of accountants who have worked in commercial, audit, retail and financial organisations for many years.

Bookkeeping isn’t just data entry, it takes the right people to understand, interpret and work with you in getting the right result. Passion is the forefront of what we do with bookkeeping

At Omnia Bookkeeping all records are reviewed and checked by our internal CPA Qualified Accountant to ensure you get the best and right service available to you. If we don’t think it’s done right, you’re the first to know.

Don’t forget Omnia Bookkeeping doesn’t only specialise in bookkeeping, we can help with most operational functions to run your business and it allows us to open doors for your company in marketing, branding, process improvement, IT, fleet and many other fields

We serve all over Sydney, including Castle Hill and Parramatta.

Get in touch with us

Postal: PO Box 7241, Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153

Email: bookkeeping@omniabs.com.au

Phone: 04299 OMNIA (+61 429 966 642)

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