Technology On-The-Go

Gone are the days of making that dreaded phone call to your accountant to say “How is my business going”? With today’s accounting technology you can keep track of your business on your smartphone.

Historically we have seen clients being unable to keep track of their finances, have to put receipts together somewhere and hope they are not lost, scribble information on paper so that they can create a quote when they get back to the office. This stops here!

With easy to install apps software providers such as QuickBooks and MYOB allow you to login, check on outstanding invoices, add expenses, create quotes and run quick snapshot reports on the performance of your business. These apps have made keeping an eye on your business a lot more simple and effective and removed your dependence on waiting until you get to your office or on your accountant on knowing how your business is going

On the go apps now also let you take photos of your receipts and code them directly into your accounting software, as such you can forget about the stress at the end of each month when trying to reconcile your credit card or hand over your invoices to your bookkeeper for processing; they are already there in digital form in your software.

Another advantage of today’s technology on the go for some of the software is the ability to review clients outstanding balances anytime. Imagine speaking to a client and then quickly whipping out your smartphone and bring up the “by the way how are you going with paying these invoices” chat and showing them a list and even more being able to quickly forward them the invoice. Also, don’t forget with interfaces, the latest version of accounting software allows for clients to pay invoices using credit card or Pay Pal. If you are not integrated with a payment system ask us today on how you can benefit.

Being a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and MYOB Partner we have the latest technology for you, with intuitive third-party apps and interfaces we can help set up you and your business for success. The power is truly in your hand as you navigate the challenges of running your business with supportive software and technology. Ask us today how to upgrade or convert to smart solutions for your business.

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